Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Finally in the heavy stages of production for "It's a Wonderful That's Life!" and should be done around Christmas Eve or mid-Christmas day! (I would be done sooner but had some set-backs and will also be working both those days, so time is limited!!)

Thanks all for your patience and I look forward to posting it soon!

Friday, December 4, 2015

glad tidings of great "oy!"

Greetings fellow wizards!
As the holiday season drags on I find myself pulled in many directions with very little time to spare. Whatever free time I do manage to get is spent studying for finals (gotta get that GPA up) and working on the script. I apologize to anyone who still reads this blog for not updating for months. Rest assured the video will be on schedule (as rushed as it's becoming, due to my procrastination)! 

I did want to mention, at least, that the more I develop the story arc, the runtime increases exponentially. My current estimation for how long it will be after editing everything is probably 30 minutes or more! Which, I assume, is great news for those who have been patiently subscribed and waiting for the Christmas special. It is, however, bad news for me, as I am pressed for time as far as finals in school goes, and trying to keep my promise of a Christmas Day release schedule. Mostly I just want everything to be absolutely perfect so it's worth the wait, and as most perfectionists understand, thoroughness is very time consuming!

On the bright side, I am quite pleased with what I have written, as it's a more story driven episode compared with the others (which were written more with the intention of fitting in as many in-jokes as possible). Many feels are guaranteed, as is the trend for holiday movies. Keep your tissue box close, as you may need to blow your nose frequently -- hopefully not because of flus or colds either. You might wanna wear your best Snuggie to the premier as well, because it's gonna be a cold Winter Solstice!

Finally, I know I don't say this nearly enough but THANK YOU to the few who do leave comments, even if they're out of frustration with how long I am taking. Believe it or not I take all your constructive comments and criticisms in mind and try to improve my stuff. I want to make this the best Wizard101 Christmas special ever! If anyone has any questions or input, feel free to contact me on here through comments or on my G+ profile, or YouTube channel (all the links to which can be found on the sidebar here). Also, if you'd like to email me for whatever reason (fan reasons, hate reasons), hit me up at throughthespiralgate@gmail.com

Thanks wizards! Keep an eye out, only 21 more days and counting!