Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Finally in the heavy stages of production for "It's a Wonderful That's Life!" and should be done around Christmas Eve or mid-Christmas day! (I would be done sooner but had some set-backs and will also be working both those days, so time is limited!!)

Thanks all for your patience and I look forward to posting it soon!

Friday, December 4, 2015

glad tidings of great "oy!"

Greetings fellow wizards!
As the holiday season drags on I find myself pulled in many directions with very little time to spare. Whatever free time I do manage to get is spent studying for finals (gotta get that GPA up) and working on the script. I apologize to anyone who still reads this blog for not updating for months. Rest assured the video will be on schedule (as rushed as it's becoming, due to my procrastination)! 

I did want to mention, at least, that the more I develop the story arc, the runtime increases exponentially. My current estimation for how long it will be after editing everything is probably 30 minutes or more! Which, I assume, is great news for those who have been patiently subscribed and waiting for the Christmas special. It is, however, bad news for me, as I am pressed for time as far as finals in school goes, and trying to keep my promise of a Christmas Day release schedule. Mostly I just want everything to be absolutely perfect so it's worth the wait, and as most perfectionists understand, thoroughness is very time consuming!

On the bright side, I am quite pleased with what I have written, as it's a more story driven episode compared with the others (which were written more with the intention of fitting in as many in-jokes as possible). Many feels are guaranteed, as is the trend for holiday movies. Keep your tissue box close, as you may need to blow your nose frequently -- hopefully not because of flus or colds either. You might wanna wear your best Snuggie to the premier as well, because it's gonna be a cold Winter Solstice!

Finally, I know I don't say this nearly enough but THANK YOU to the few who do leave comments, even if they're out of frustration with how long I am taking. Believe it or not I take all your constructive comments and criticisms in mind and try to improve my stuff. I want to make this the best Wizard101 Christmas special ever! If anyone has any questions or input, feel free to contact me on here through comments or on my G+ profile, or YouTube channel (all the links to which can be found on the sidebar here). Also, if you'd like to email me for whatever reason (fan reasons, hate reasons), hit me up at throughthespiralgate@gmail.com

Thanks wizards! Keep an eye out, only 21 more days and counting!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Merry Lifemas! - a sneak peek at the latest

      It's Saturday! Which means I am bored at work. So I thought, why not spread some (super) early Yultide cheer? 
      So, remember how I mentioned a new episode of That's Life! that's in the works, which is conveniently scheduled to come out at Christmas? Well, the script is currently in the works, and I must say it is turning out to be quite the adventure!       
      Anyhoo, to pique everyone's interest I would like to hash out a sample of the script. So without further ado, submitted for your approval, I present selected reading from the future special, "It's a Wonderful That's Life!" Enjoy :D‎
AUTUMN: (pacing back and forth) I can't believe someone stole Christmas!
ZACHARY: (sitting on the couch) Technically, Autumn, you can't steal Christmas because it is a day, not an object-- 
AUTUMN: The Grinch stole Christmas...
ZACHARY: ...And secondly, someone would have stolen PRESENTS. Which we did not even have--
ZACHARY: AND THIRDLY...*who* stole Christmas?
ZACHARY: That is...completely grammatically incorrect--
AUTUMN: And that's besides the point, because whomever--
ZACHARY: Whoever--
AUTUMN: --Did this, will be found and killed and burned and buried and killed again and wrapped in a fancy gift wrap with a bow. And then murdered.
ZACHARY: Look, Autumn, I know you like Christmas--
AUTUMN: Oh, Zachary, I don't just *like* Christmas, I *LOVE* Christmas! It's only the funnest time of year! Caroling, snowball fights, special limited time KingsIsle events... it's all so MAGICAL, don't you think?? Why, I could sing a song about it...
*Carol music swells and Autumn takes a breath in anticipation of the first notes*
ZACHARY: Aaaaand I'm gonna have to stop you right there.
AUTUMN: What??
ZACHARY: Yeah, no singing. It's annoying, and there's royalty and copyright laws and...
*Autumn cries*
ZACHARY: Oh.. please don't do that, I didn't mean to....
*Autumn sobs harder*
ZACHARY: Oh, alright. I'll help you find out who stole Christmas.
AUTUMN: (sniffles) You will?
ZACHARY: (sighs) Yes.
ZACHARY: On one condition! 
AUTUMN: What is it? Anything!
ZACHARY: No getting me into dangerous situations.
AUTUMN: Cross my heart and hope to die!
ZACHARY: And no more talk about death and killing. It's creepy.
AUTUMN: Aye aye, captain. (Singing) I can't wait for our adventure to begin....
AUTUMN: Well, now that's no fun...
ZACHARY: Them's the rules, take it or leave it.
AUTUMN: Ummmmm............ fine, deal.
ZACHARY: *sighs* I know I'm gonna regret this, aren't I.
AUTUMN: If you live long enough.
ZACHARY: Wait what--
AUTUMN: I'm gonna get dressed. Last one to the top of the stairs is a rotten dragon's egg! (She runs up the stairs humming)
ZACHARY: AND NO HUMMING!! *sighs again* Yeah. I'm gonna regret this.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Progress check - We've reached evergreen Mooshu (and some other stuff)!

      Well, this post has been delayed for a lot of reasons -- mainly, life is life-ing (as Autumn and Zachary also know quite well). I could list excuses, but what I'd really rather talk about is all the cool stuff happening in my fake life :D

Only moments after rubbing Mooddha's belly for good luck

      After power-questing through Marleybone, Autumn and Zachary have made it into the lush green fields of Mooshu, and not a moment too soon. All the garbage and sound pollution of the city was starting to get to me... not to mention those snooty poodle ladies and all their purse errands... Ugh! Now it is time for open spaces, fresh clean air, and many many grave markers.

Who died? More like who hasn't died, amirite?

      I have a special place in my heart for Mooshu, not only because it is the place Professor Wu came from, but also because I have many fond memories with old Wizard101 friends there, who taught me how to play with real strategy. No seriously, I got through the first 3 worlds with my old wizards not even knowing how to play right. I mean, my first character was fire/storm, and yet I wasted so much angry energy not even realizing that those classes fizzle the most. But I digress. 

      We've gotten up to Crimson Fields in Hametsu Village, but we're taking a bit of a break because of some real life dramas, and other stuff. Also, we are a smidge burnt out, after power-questing through a lot of stuff.

 I mean, I wouldn't say this place looks intimidating but... well, you've seen it.
       As for Victoria, which I really consider my "main" character (since I find it more fun and easier to solo as a necromancer), things have been rather... difficult.

       These Ultra Dungeons (Kembaalung and the like) would on the surface appear to be a manageable enough dungeoun, much like Colossus Boulevard in Wizard City or The Ironworks in Marleybone. In fact, I did solo Kembaalung with nary a problem, and I thought perhaps this other place, Zigazag, would be much the same. I was, um... rather wrong.

      Through my endless frustrations, I neglected to take any screen caps/recordings, but I can list to you some stats. 
  • Total time spent: 7 hrs, 38 mins 
  • Total wizards: Just 1 -- me!
  • Total times killed: 6 
  • Total crowns spent on minions: OVER 9000!!!
  • Total swears uttered: Also over 9000!!!!! 
  • Total times D/c from server:  ~42. No, seriously. 
       In spite of it all, I managed to beat it, technically solo, and collected a lotta swag in the process. It did not dawn on me until later that I would not be able to return to Zigazag, and the 2 side rooms hidden within that I couldn't enter because I had no key are lost forever. Honestly, though, I'm so glad I finally got through it after all that happened, that I think I don't really mind.

 After judgment day came, my heart really was light as a feather
      Well, that's my ultra summer so far. Some exciting information about That's Life! is coming up, but I think that's an update for another post. Until then, sizzlin' journeys, young wizards!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Getting beefy beach bodies

  Greetings, young wizards!

  Well, it has been a busy couple weeks in the Spiral, what with finishing Wintertusk on my necromancer, Victoria Ravenblood. She has now returned to Celestia to continue the main story line, which I've been working on for, like, a year now :P

 At first I thought these guys were mecha-reptilians and I was like :D
 But then I realized they were eels and I was like :(

  What else is new? Well, with the imminent return of That's Life!, my fiance and I have been training up Autumn and Zachary to keep them nice and limber. After all, they'll be doing a lot of running around in the next episode. I won't say much regarding the premise, but I can tell you it will be a grand adventure. And the journey along the way is quite enjoyable too!

  For my fiance's birthday I got him 30,000 crowns (which, by the way, are on sale for 25% off for the rest of summer -- a fantastic deal!), and this will be more than enough to unlock quite a good deal of areas. Right now we are working on the rest of Marleybone, and after that we will probably be knocking out a good deal of Grizzleheim.

If you look really closely, sometimes the Queen's guard actually blink.

  So far, our journey through Marleybone is only about halfway through. We've been struggling with the burden of all the tiny ridiculous side quests. This is the most back-and-forth world of all, and I'm truly remembering why it is my least favorite place in all of the Spiral. Well, except for the sights and sounds...

 Plus, this guy has the sweetest pair of shades.

   But the cool part of coming back during the Summer is that there are plenty of activities. In fact, we've even paid a visit to the Professor recently

 We were... kind of hounding him so he was dogging us out. Hahaha, woof.

  Other than that, not much else is new! Although we're constantly on the lookout for any good gear. Anyone know of a boss that drops some tough death gear for level 66-68 necromancer? Victoria is still using Malistaire's robes and I feel like I'm way behind everyone else!
  Well, until next time, safe journeys everyone!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A word from Zachary Darkflame

New video is up! I hope this piques your curiosity and answers some questions :P

Live. Laugh. Journey.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Getting back on that unicorn

After about 6 hours of editing audio, finding/recording/editing video, and wishing I was a lot faster at doing these things, I finally have a product that I think will satisfy (and yet leave viewers wanting more).

Hang onto your hats. The wait has shortened but intensified.


A Grendel Dance Party

ETA: I've finally made a twitter for my Wiz101 stuff! @ACuriousReagent

It has been quite some time since my last update (5 whole years, omg!!), but I've finally been getting back into Wizard101 since the recent crown sale. Had a bit of fun today while trying to get rid of some of my Grizzleheim quests. Hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making :P

In other news, my hair has changed! Bet you didn't recognize little ol' Victoria Ravenblood, didja??



I love a good transformation, don't you? :) Safe journeys, young wizards!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Oooh, it's the spoooky day before Halloween! I won't be online tomorrow so I have decided to post a Wiz101 poem I wrote for the occasion early :)

It's Halloween night in Wizard City! 
The sky is dark and the stars are pretty.
A heckhound howls at the light of the moon; 
the monster hour is arriving soon!
"Take care, young wizard!" Ambrose warns. 
"For in Dark Cave the Scarlet Screamer mourns."
All around the are ghoulish creatures, 
and a Ravenwood school full of trick-or-treaters.
On every street the feet pitter-patter. 
Wandering spirits moan and skeletons clatter.
Wizards dressed as ninja pigs are running past, 
gathering up candy fast, fast, FAST!
And I, avoiding Dark Cave, have fun with the rest, 
looking around to see whose costume is best.
The spiral is alive with laughter and fright. 
Oh, Halloween... such a wonderful night!

Have a great Halloween everybody!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Filming closed, no more cast recruits.

Well today's filming was kind of fail. Only a couple people showed up and I was about to cancel but they brought a few friends so we managed to have a decent small group. Normally I wouldn't be very bothered by this but I had a very very bad night last night (think of your worst nightmare and then imagine how you'd feel if it almost happened to you), and even though I really, really wanted to cancel, I didn't because I didn't want to disappoint a bunch of people. Turns out a bunch of people disappointed me.

So I've decided I will not be taking extras in my videos anymore, I will only be using a couple friends as extras from now on. For those who actually care, I'm very sorry, I would really love to let more people be in my videos but it's just too hard working with other people on a "serious" project. Maybe someday I'll start a series that I don't care about the filming quality of but for now I'm just gonna focus on finishing this one on my own. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me today and everyone who's been in any of the episodes as well, you guys have really helped to make the series great and I hope you can understand my decision.

Anyhoodle, I actually did this filming before finishing the script for the episode (I tend to put the cart before the horse like that sometimes), so it will be quite a while before Ep. 4 is out, especially since I start school Monday so I won't have decent internet till the weekends. I will try to work on finishing the script in the meantime though, so there is some progress in that.

Um um um... what else... Oh, I'm going to see Scott Pilgrim today :D Should be a good distraction from what happened last night. And... hmm, well I think that's pretty much it.

Safe journeys, everyone!