Saturday, October 30, 2010


Oooh, it's the spoooky day before Halloween! I won't be online tomorrow so I have decided to post a Wiz101 poem I wrote for the occasion early :)

It's Halloween night in Wizard City! 
The sky is dark and the stars are pretty.
A heckhound howls at the light of the moon; 
the monster hour is arriving soon!
"Take care, young wizard!" Ambrose warns. 
"For in Dark Cave the Scarlet Screamer mourns."
All around the are ghoulish creatures, 
and a Ravenwood school full of trick-or-treaters.
On every street the feet pitter-patter. 
Wandering spirits moan and skeletons clatter.
Wizards dressed as ninja pigs are running past, 
gathering up candy fast, fast, FAST!
And I, avoiding Dark Cave, have fun with the rest, 
looking around to see whose costume is best.
The spiral is alive with laughter and fright. 
Oh, Halloween... such a wonderful night!

Have a great Halloween everybody!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Filming closed, no more cast recruits.

Well today's filming was kind of fail. Only a couple people showed up and I was about to cancel but they brought a few friends so we managed to have a decent small group. Normally I wouldn't be very bothered by this but I had a very very bad night last night (think of your worst nightmare and then imagine how you'd feel if it almost happened to you), and even though I really, really wanted to cancel, I didn't because I didn't want to disappoint a bunch of people. Turns out a bunch of people disappointed me.

So I've decided I will not be taking extras in my videos anymore, I will only be using a couple friends as extras from now on. For those who actually care, I'm very sorry, I would really love to let more people be in my videos but it's just too hard working with other people on a "serious" project. Maybe someday I'll start a series that I don't care about the filming quality of but for now I'm just gonna focus on finishing this one on my own. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me today and everyone who's been in any of the episodes as well, you guys have really helped to make the series great and I hope you can understand my decision.

Anyhoodle, I actually did this filming before finishing the script for the episode (I tend to put the cart before the horse like that sometimes), so it will be quite a while before Ep. 4 is out, especially since I start school Monday so I won't have decent internet till the weekends. I will try to work on finishing the script in the meantime though, so there is some progress in that.

Um um um... what else... Oh, I'm going to see Scott Pilgrim today :D Should be a good distraction from what happened last night. And... hmm, well I think that's pretty much it.

Safe journeys, everyone!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Filming info for ep. 4 of That's Life!

Yup, it's that time again... filming time!

[x-posted from W101C]

Here's the info you need to know to be in the next episode of That's Life!:

DATE: Saturday, August 14th.
TIME: 1pm pacific time (look on google to convert it to your time zone)
PLACE: Life tower (NOT the life classroom this time. Life tower)
SERVER: Wu (subject to change during filming)

  • Anyone of any school is welcome to come (but preferably only people with text chat)
  • This time we will be allowed to wear our regular clothes (however pets and wands will still be unequipped)
  • Please listen to me and follow my rules when filming, so we can get it done quickly, hopefully in half an hour or less.
  • We start at least 5 minutes after the meeting time, try to get there on time if you wanna be in the episode!
  • If I make any changes to the date, I will make the updates on here or my blog so try to keep track of this post.
That's pretty much it! Everything else you need to know, I will tell you on the filming day. Hope to see you guys there!
 Safe journeys, everyone!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Advice from Autumn - Celestica?

Here it is: my first question, answered via video! I jumped right on it because I know certain updates will be made to the game soon :)

In other news: There's a SyFy original movie premiering tonight called "Frost Giant". Although I don't think it's quite the same as the one we're familiar with...

 RAWR, I am... see-through?
Looks like a combination between Alien and the water spirit from Princess Mononoke. Well, I thought it was pretty interesting/lame looking. 

Safe journeys everyone!

A Spiral special :)

You know those little comics I did called Advice from Autumn? Well, I decided to bring it back, except with a little twist to it! So, if you would like to help me out (pretty please), leave me a question about the Spiral, any question at all, and Autumn will give you some of her professional advice. Also, if you do submit a question, go ahead and leave your wizard's name as well so that I can credit you :)

Ummm... oh yeah! Here's a video for it!

Safe journeys, everyone!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shame on me!

I've been away from the Spiral for a while now, and I apologize for lack of updates. I've been busy trying to register for Fall semester at my college (hopefully my final one!) and so I'm a bit stressed out. However, I'm still keeping up to date about all things Wizard 101, so yes I know about the increased server capacities and all that. Good for you KI! I'm so glad they're doing this prior to the release of Celestia. If the real release will be anything like the pre-world questline (and I know it will be), then we're gonna need all the server superpower that we can get!

Anyhoodle, in other news I'm still working on writing episode 4 of That's Life! (I use the word "working" loosely, since I kind of haven't written anything at all for it in days). It will be quite some time before filming for the next episode, probably a couple/few weeks, so I will tide you guys over with a short teaser of the script. Enjoy!

ZACHARY: Okay, so what's all this about?

AKITAME: As you most likely already know, your teacher Moolinda Wu is in quite a lot of trouble.

AUTUMN: Yeah, we gathered that.

AKITAME: But what you don't know, is why.

ZACHARY: No, we already know that too.

AKITAME: Oh? But how--

AUTUMN: Best not to ask reasons.

ZACHARY: We gave up doing that a long time ago.

AKITAME: I see. Well, then, you already know that we've exhausted our resources trying to find her.

AUTUMN: That we did not know.

ZACHARY: How is that possible? Mooshu is a world full of samoorais and martial artists! There's got to be someone who can look for her.

AKITAME: Ah, one would think so. And considering that we sent all our greatest masters, we thought so too. But there is nobody in Mooshu that is fit to rescue Moolinda Wu.

AUTUMN: Rescue? Hold on, you didn't tell us she was in grave danger! That puts a whole different spin on our mission.

AKITAME: What part of the word "Yakuza" does not suggest she could be in grave danger?

AUTUMN: Aren't you Mooddhists supposed to be peaceful? I figured what's the worst they could do?

AKITAME: We are Mooddhists, that much is true. But the Yakuza do not answer to him. And they go to great lengths for revenge.

ZACHARY: If you knew who we're talking about here then you'd be more worried for the people who have her...

AKITAME: Oh, I know Wu, alright. I know her well...

DUN DUN DUNNNN! Lol jk. But seriously, folks, this one's gonna be pretty epic. It's gonna be hard to keep topping the newest episodes with even better ones, but I'll certainly try! Lemme know what you think so far.

Safe journeys, everyone!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

That's Life! Episode 3 - Scratch and Sniff

At last it is complete! This is in 2 parts because it was so long I had to split it in half. Youtube is lame like that.

Let me know what you think :)

EDIT: And here's a nice review from Kevin Battlblood, the Chillanthropologist!

Bravo! Very impressive work here. What you've applied and utilized was exactly what I was hoping to one day see in the Wizard101 Video Community: A twist on the original storyline, use of voices (decent job with the British and French accents, and not bad voice acting either!), and a brilliant mix of genres ranging from comedy to drama, yet mystery is still the umbrella on this episode.

What I really liked was the use of different camera angles that follows cinema theory; it gave a professional feel to the movie....

I'm excitedly looking forward to your next installment; keep up your creativity!

Thanks Kevin! You can expect a new installment sometime in the next few weeks :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

At last - It is done!...ish

[x-posted from W101C]

Thank you so much to everyone who showed up for the updated filming, I really appreciate it. I was so glad to see a lot of people returning and even a few new people, it makes me happy to know that the word is getting out about That's Life! and that people want to be a part of it :)

I do realize that some who were there last time could not be there this time, and I'm sorry for that. There will still be more chances for you to be in it so no worries! I will announce the next filming session a few weeks from now, so keep an eye out.

Anyways, thanks again to all the extras, I'm very grateful for your help :)

 Now for the hard part: everything else.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Friendly answer.

So, stingite from The Friendly Necromancer has been recruiting some people to take on a bit of his answering work load. Call it an experiment, if you will. Anyway, thought I'd give it a shot and see how I fare in the role of Friendly :P

Noah DreamBlood asks about pets, saying:
You can tell normally if its a hybrid or not depending on time it takes to hatch. School pets are 18 hrs i believe hybrids are 24 or so. And i mixed a colossus that had 54 with a stormzilla that was 53 and got another colossus that had 55, whats up with that? lol
 Aha. Unfortunately Friendly happened to give me a question with a subject that I've very little expertise in. However, I can give it my best educated guess. It's what we college kids do best. /bitter chuckle

 That and sleeping in class.

The only level 48 pet that I've gotten since the pet updates is the wraith for my Necromancer, and as you said the hatch time was around 18 hours (that or 17 or 11; I get my numbers mixed up sometimes). A good deal of the higher level boss drop pets I've gotten are the same hatch time, lower level ones tend to be less (around 6 hours), and gift card pets even less than that (some of them just 3 minutes). Unfortunately I've never bred one of my own, let alone a hybrid, so I can't confirm your numbers, though I believe you in the matter of their hatch times.

 "Umm... little help over here?"

As for the numbers next to their names and how it relates to breeding and such, my first guess was that it represented the number of chromosomes for each breed, which would totally have explained why the baby came out with a new number (new species means a different amount of chromosomes). But according to people on Wizard101Central, the numbers next to your pet name is its pedigree, or in other words the sum of the traits it has already manifested. You know how when you're on your pet summary page in your spellbook, and next to its abilities there are little yellow pips? Well, when all the pips -- full ones and empty -- are added together, that makes the little 54 and 53 next to your parent pets names. As for the number in the parenthases, that is based just on all the full pips -- the yellow ones -- which is why it is substantially less than the first number. There's a fascinating guide for pedigrees HERE.

Now, when you breed pets together, the baby obtains the appearance, class type, and I think even some of the abilities(?) of the parent pet that has the higher stats. Your Colossus had the higher pedigree, but it was 54 and your baby pet had 55. Clearly there is a pattern in there somewhere, although truthfully I haven't the slightest idea what that pattern is. I never really question the all-knowing MCP that is Wizard101, especially when it comes to numbers. I'm kind of numeral phobic. Maybe since you paid a lot of gold for it the game wanted to give you that one extra point. Or maybe there was an added ability from the weaker parent pet. Or maybe they were just going in chronological order (53, 54, 55). It's a complete mystery to me. The most important thing that indicates your pet's abilities is the number in parenthases, as that is a number that rises with much training and care.

The MCP knows all...

If you happen to obtain a lot of gold over the course of your journeys, you should experiment some more, with pets of different schools and stats. I'm especially interested in seeing what people discover about crown pets as they seem like they can probably make some really nifty hybrids.

Fun fact: I wrote the word "pet(s)" 15 times, including the one just now.

Anyways, good luck in your search for the truth, and safe journeys young wizard!

OK, this time... seriously.

 [once again x-posted from W101C]

Here's the new filming info for That's Life!: Episode 3.

DATE: Monday, July 19th.

TIME: 1pm pacific time (if you don't know what time that is in your zone, google "time zone converter")

LOCATION: Life school classroom.

AREA: Wu server (subject to change during filming)

  • Same thing as last time: noob clothes, wands and pets unequipped.
  • Filming should take around half an hour.
  • Please no complaining or rushing. It will take however long it takes, I don't like being nagged when I'm trying to get the filming just right.
That's about it. I'm hoping for the same turn-out as last time but completely understand if there isn't. I know people's schedules are busy so thank you to everyone who makes time to do this. Note: I can't make any special changes or arrangements to the date for anyone, so don't ask. Sorry.