Friday, May 28, 2010

Back in the saddle - Or rather, the broomstick.

It's been a long time since I've played Wizard 101 extensively, let alone blogged about my progress. But seeing as it's summer break and I'm a bit burned out on Combat Arms, I decided to log in and see how things were going in the Spiral. And of course the Wiz101 Facebook memo saying the new pets were live definitely piqued my curiosity. Needless to say I was excited to see if my firezilla would have all the new features that the new pets did; lo and behold, I had a special "new" zilla that was already a teen (which was handy because I'd rather not get addicted to training it). I think the new pet area is great, it's a good place to waste time if you're tired of the regular grind of farming and want a little bit of old fashioned competition. I also like that you get exp. just from talking to the people there :P

Aside from that, I've already spent a lot of time farming some more on my Grandmaster, Autumn. I got a couple new swords, a new pet, and tons of loot to sell on my new life character, Autumn Greenleaf (yeah, yeah, I know. But I've tried all the other schools and none of them were the same. Life is the only one for me). I got $20 worth of crowns too and spent it on a wings mount, so now Autumn looks like a true valkyrie :P That's about the extent of my crown splurging. I decided that for the house I would save up 100,000 gold on my new character (an insane endeavor, I know). Shouldn't take too long, since all the loot I get on Autumn will be auctioned by Autumn Greenleaf. Malistaire will aid me greatly in this mission.

Hopefully the limited update will tide me over until the level cap is raised and Celestia is released. Until then I'll just be trying to farm bosses for swords and pets. I plan on making my home a huge pet reservation.

That's all for now. Safe journeys, everyone!

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