Sunday, November 8, 2009

Peer Pressure - Haha! I win.

      I had been moping about quite a bit on my death character since I had pretty much no friends for that character and the game was getting a little lonely. Well, I have this friend in real life, and one thing let to another and... he plays Wizard 101 now! Why? Because I convinced him of how awesome it is :D

      I'd been having trouble lately with convincing IRL friends to join Wiz101, first with my (now ex-)boyfriend, then my other friend who is actually very much into gaming of any kind (although I think he didn't want to because the program wouldn't be compatible with linux), and my sister, who thinks MMOs of any kind are evil incarnate. It's not necessarily that I have anything against making friends in the game with people I don't know. It's just that I've been burned too many times by really inconsiderate people (if you need a refresher, CLICK HERE). It kind of sucks the pleasure in meeting new people.

So, at last I successfully lured one of my friends over to the dark side! MUAHAHAHAHA! Except he chose life school, so I suppose it's not really dark, per se. But still, wizardry is witchcraft, so.... *Insert more evil laughter*

I think I was going somewhere with this post, but I'm not sure anymore. Hmmm... Oh yeah! So, has anyone else managed to get their friends to play Wizard 101? And if so, how did you convince them to? Did they like it? My friend said it's "Like WoW, but cuter and easier." I wouldn't know because I never bothered playing WoW. I was way too busy becoming a Grandmaster Theurgist on the bestest game ever :)

Anyhoo, safe journeys, everyone!

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