Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zing - Marleybone calling!

Have a few updates for ya!

Krokotopia is now a thing of the past! Victoria Ravenblood is now level 27 and an official Marleybonian.

"By Jove, a NECROMANCER! There goes the neighborhood."

That's right, I got a Marleybone mansion :D How, you ask? I literally lived in my dorm until level 25 (sadly this very closely resembles real life). I also sold everything except the clothes on my back and some awesome furniture. Turned out to be worth, it, wouldn't you say?

Also I used my grandmaster character to splurge on some new threads!

 "Spot on, I've found the elusive species Wizardus Necromancus!"

I totally fit in perfecly now, wouldn't you say? I must admit I was a little worried that I would never make it to Marleybone. I was so stressed over trying to finish the Tomb of the Beguiler, and I was thinking "Why the heck did they make this so flipping hard for such a low level world?" And then I realized it's like the Sunken City of Krokotopia. Needless to say I did a mental facepalm.

(Not pictured: my mental facepalm)

I also have a new staff for when level 30 rolls around. *rubs hands together greedily*

Other than that, nothing new has happened. Unfortunately my IRL friend hasn't been able to play much due to restrictions (real life... such a chore!), but he said he'd try to play more, which is about as much as I can expect from someone who actually has a job. I think I will try to focus on the crafting quests before the others, that way it won't just be sitting there crowding up my quest page 9_9

Anyways, that's all for now. Safe journeys, everyone!

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