Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Test realm - Where it's cool to be a wizard.

For any grandmaster who wasn't able to get on the test realm, I got a bit of news for you about all the new updates coming to the spiral (besides the obvious addition of the quest line leading to Celestia).

  • New stuff in the crown shop - A Grizzleheim themed house (FINALLY!) and a beastmaster outfit which does nothing but increase your pet's training points, so unless you don't care about your wizard's stats, it's pretty useless.
  • New crafting recipes - Torald Wayfinder in Northguard can sell you a recipe for another Grizzleheim house. Gotta admit, after taking a tour of both of them, the outside of the crowns one is prettier, but all around the crafted one is better and costs 40,000 less gold. Only problem is you have to finish all other crafting quests before you can make it D:
  • New pet vendor - Marleybone now sells some pretty interesting pets in the pub where Croaky hangs out.
  • New friend options - You can now make it so that only your friends (and not their friends) can come to your house. Also, you can kick them out when you want >:D
  • New pet changes - Prices for pet hatching has gone down. They also made it so pets who have spellcards DANCE when you use the spell! :D
  • New Dragonspyre - Questing is easier in DS for a few reasons. The health of enemies is a bit lower, and towers have less levels on them. Also, you find quest items faster. Which is awesome for my necromancer since she just got there lol
  • New other stuff - You can read about it on the update notes HERE.
A lot of people mistook the major update to be the release of Celestia, but really it's going to be quite a while before they open it up. In fact, the release of just these updates won't be till around the end of summer (sometime in August), so Celestia will be even later than that. I already can tell KI will be getting a lot of angry comments because anyone who went through the warehouse (which is very similar to Briskbreeze) was not too happy to find out they couldn't get into Celestia yet. The best advice I have for everyone is to be patient. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a whole world! Also, the more time they take to perfect it, the better our gaming experience will be. They want to make it worth our money, ya know.

Anyways, that's pretty much it. I'm off to the test realm to splurge with my fake crowns XD

Safe journeys everyone!

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