Monday, August 9, 2010

Filming info for ep. 4 of That's Life!

Yup, it's that time again... filming time!

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Here's the info you need to know to be in the next episode of That's Life!:

DATE: Saturday, August 14th.
TIME: 1pm pacific time (look on google to convert it to your time zone)
PLACE: Life tower (NOT the life classroom this time. Life tower)
SERVER: Wu (subject to change during filming)

  • Anyone of any school is welcome to come (but preferably only people with text chat)
  • This time we will be allowed to wear our regular clothes (however pets and wands will still be unequipped)
  • Please listen to me and follow my rules when filming, so we can get it done quickly, hopefully in half an hour or less.
  • We start at least 5 minutes after the meeting time, try to get there on time if you wanna be in the episode!
  • If I make any changes to the date, I will make the updates on here or my blog so try to keep track of this post.
That's pretty much it! Everything else you need to know, I will tell you on the filming day. Hope to see you guys there!
 Safe journeys, everyone!


  1. Do we need to have access to Mooshu? I'm still in MB

  2. No, the extras will not have to leave Wizard City at all during filming :)

  3. K! I'll see ya there! what's with th difference in clothing?

  4. Cause pretty much everyone kept asking why they couldn't just wear their regular gear :P

  5. Um.. i don't have text chat, but if I come and just follow everyone else's lead, will that work?

  6. hi autumn love your videos you are the funniest :)
    i am a level 36 ice wizard named Luke Icesteed i hope to see you on wizard101

  7. I have six wizards on Wizard101, so that's why my username is Colin WillowBlade cause he's the first one I made. 5 wizards are already level 30 or so. I'm working on my wizard Tyler Strongsmith and he's level nine. And call me a newbie because I don't have text chat. I'm not in college or an adult so let me know what it would be in the eastern places. Life Wizard.