Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shame on me!

I've been away from the Spiral for a while now, and I apologize for lack of updates. I've been busy trying to register for Fall semester at my college (hopefully my final one!) and so I'm a bit stressed out. However, I'm still keeping up to date about all things Wizard 101, so yes I know about the increased server capacities and all that. Good for you KI! I'm so glad they're doing this prior to the release of Celestia. If the real release will be anything like the pre-world questline (and I know it will be), then we're gonna need all the server superpower that we can get!

Anyhoodle, in other news I'm still working on writing episode 4 of That's Life! (I use the word "working" loosely, since I kind of haven't written anything at all for it in days). It will be quite some time before filming for the next episode, probably a couple/few weeks, so I will tide you guys over with a short teaser of the script. Enjoy!

ZACHARY: Okay, so what's all this about?

AKITAME: As you most likely already know, your teacher Moolinda Wu is in quite a lot of trouble.

AUTUMN: Yeah, we gathered that.

AKITAME: But what you don't know, is why.

ZACHARY: No, we already know that too.

AKITAME: Oh? But how--

AUTUMN: Best not to ask reasons.

ZACHARY: We gave up doing that a long time ago.

AKITAME: I see. Well, then, you already know that we've exhausted our resources trying to find her.

AUTUMN: That we did not know.

ZACHARY: How is that possible? Mooshu is a world full of samoorais and martial artists! There's got to be someone who can look for her.

AKITAME: Ah, one would think so. And considering that we sent all our greatest masters, we thought so too. But there is nobody in Mooshu that is fit to rescue Moolinda Wu.

AUTUMN: Rescue? Hold on, you didn't tell us she was in grave danger! That puts a whole different spin on our mission.

AKITAME: What part of the word "Yakuza" does not suggest she could be in grave danger?

AUTUMN: Aren't you Mooddhists supposed to be peaceful? I figured what's the worst they could do?

AKITAME: We are Mooddhists, that much is true. But the Yakuza do not answer to him. And they go to great lengths for revenge.

ZACHARY: If you knew who we're talking about here then you'd be more worried for the people who have her...

AKITAME: Oh, I know Wu, alright. I know her well...

DUN DUN DUNNNN! Lol jk. But seriously, folks, this one's gonna be pretty epic. It's gonna be hard to keep topping the newest episodes with even better ones, but I'll certainly try! Lemme know what you think so far.

Safe journeys, everyone!


  1. Nice work (? LOL) So far, but who's Akitame?

  2. Noboru Akitame, he's one of the characters in MooShu.

  3. Funny thought it was prounounced Yakuzara o well my computer not good with sound :p Caant wait for it to come out.