Saturday, August 15, 2015

Merry Lifemas! - a sneak peek at the latest

      It's Saturday! Which means I am bored at work. So I thought, why not spread some (super) early Yultide cheer? 
      So, remember how I mentioned a new episode of That's Life! that's in the works, which is conveniently scheduled to come out at Christmas? Well, the script is currently in the works, and I must say it is turning out to be quite the adventure!       
      Anyhoo, to pique everyone's interest I would like to hash out a sample of the script. So without further ado, submitted for your approval, I present selected reading from the future special, "It's a Wonderful That's Life!" Enjoy :D‎
AUTUMN: (pacing back and forth) I can't believe someone stole Christmas!
ZACHARY: (sitting on the couch) Technically, Autumn, you can't steal Christmas because it is a day, not an object-- 
AUTUMN: The Grinch stole Christmas...
ZACHARY: ...And secondly, someone would have stolen PRESENTS. Which we did not even have--
ZACHARY: AND THIRDLY...*who* stole Christmas?
ZACHARY: That is...completely grammatically incorrect--
AUTUMN: And that's besides the point, because whomever--
ZACHARY: Whoever--
AUTUMN: --Did this, will be found and killed and burned and buried and killed again and wrapped in a fancy gift wrap with a bow. And then murdered.
ZACHARY: Look, Autumn, I know you like Christmas--
AUTUMN: Oh, Zachary, I don't just *like* Christmas, I *LOVE* Christmas! It's only the funnest time of year! Caroling, snowball fights, special limited time KingsIsle events... it's all so MAGICAL, don't you think?? Why, I could sing a song about it...
*Carol music swells and Autumn takes a breath in anticipation of the first notes*
ZACHARY: Aaaaand I'm gonna have to stop you right there.
AUTUMN: What??
ZACHARY: Yeah, no singing. It's annoying, and there's royalty and copyright laws and...
*Autumn cries*
ZACHARY: Oh.. please don't do that, I didn't mean to....
*Autumn sobs harder*
ZACHARY: Oh, alright. I'll help you find out who stole Christmas.
AUTUMN: (sniffles) You will?
ZACHARY: (sighs) Yes.
ZACHARY: On one condition! 
AUTUMN: What is it? Anything!
ZACHARY: No getting me into dangerous situations.
AUTUMN: Cross my heart and hope to die!
ZACHARY: And no more talk about death and killing. It's creepy.
AUTUMN: Aye aye, captain. (Singing) I can't wait for our adventure to begin....
AUTUMN: Well, now that's no fun...
ZACHARY: Them's the rules, take it or leave it.
AUTUMN: Ummmmm............ fine, deal.
ZACHARY: *sighs* I know I'm gonna regret this, aren't I.
AUTUMN: If you live long enough.
ZACHARY: Wait what--
AUTUMN: I'm gonna get dressed. Last one to the top of the stairs is a rotten dragon's egg! (She runs up the stairs humming)
ZACHARY: AND NO HUMMING!! *sighs again* Yeah. I'm gonna regret this.

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