Thursday, August 13, 2015

Progress check - We've reached evergreen Mooshu (and some other stuff)!

      Well, this post has been delayed for a lot of reasons -- mainly, life is life-ing (as Autumn and Zachary also know quite well). I could list excuses, but what I'd really rather talk about is all the cool stuff happening in my fake life :D

Only moments after rubbing Mooddha's belly for good luck

      After power-questing through Marleybone, Autumn and Zachary have made it into the lush green fields of Mooshu, and not a moment too soon. All the garbage and sound pollution of the city was starting to get to me... not to mention those snooty poodle ladies and all their purse errands... Ugh! Now it is time for open spaces, fresh clean air, and many many grave markers.

Who died? More like who hasn't died, amirite?

      I have a special place in my heart for Mooshu, not only because it is the place Professor Wu came from, but also because I have many fond memories with old Wizard101 friends there, who taught me how to play with real strategy. No seriously, I got through the first 3 worlds with my old wizards not even knowing how to play right. I mean, my first character was fire/storm, and yet I wasted so much angry energy not even realizing that those classes fizzle the most. But I digress. 

      We've gotten up to Crimson Fields in Hametsu Village, but we're taking a bit of a break because of some real life dramas, and other stuff. Also, we are a smidge burnt out, after power-questing through a lot of stuff.

 I mean, I wouldn't say this place looks intimidating but... well, you've seen it.
       As for Victoria, which I really consider my "main" character (since I find it more fun and easier to solo as a necromancer), things have been rather... difficult.

       These Ultra Dungeons (Kembaalung and the like) would on the surface appear to be a manageable enough dungeoun, much like Colossus Boulevard in Wizard City or The Ironworks in Marleybone. In fact, I did solo Kembaalung with nary a problem, and I thought perhaps this other place, Zigazag, would be much the same. I was, um... rather wrong.

      Through my endless frustrations, I neglected to take any screen caps/recordings, but I can list to you some stats. 
  • Total time spent: 7 hrs, 38 mins 
  • Total wizards: Just 1 -- me!
  • Total times killed: 6 
  • Total crowns spent on minions: OVER 9000!!!
  • Total swears uttered: Also over 9000!!!!! 
  • Total times D/c from server:  ~42. No, seriously. 
       In spite of it all, I managed to beat it, technically solo, and collected a lotta swag in the process. It did not dawn on me until later that I would not be able to return to Zigazag, and the 2 side rooms hidden within that I couldn't enter because I had no key are lost forever. Honestly, though, I'm so glad I finally got through it after all that happened, that I think I don't really mind.

 After judgment day came, my heart really was light as a feather
      Well, that's my ultra summer so far. Some exciting information about That's Life! is coming up, but I think that's an update for another post. Until then, sizzlin' journeys, young wizards!

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