Friday, July 9, 2010

Filming info for That's Life!: Ep. 3.

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Good news to those who hate to wait! I've decided that I don't need to level up prior to filming the classroom scene, so we can do this sooner rather than later. Here's the 411:

Date: Wednesday, July 14th*
Time: 1pm Pacific time (2pm Mountain time, 3pm Central time, 4pm Eastern)**
Place: Inside the Life School classroom.
Server: Wu (this may change depending on how crowded it is, but we are definitely meeting on this server)
  • Filming will take from about half an hour to an hour tops.
  • We will be in our noob outfits, no pets or wands will be equipped during the filming.
  • Limit of 30 people (I don't think this will be an issue but I have to stress that there can't be too many people. I would really prefer people who have text chat since that's the only way you can hear my instructions)
  • Note: I'm not sure just how many people will actually be seen on the screen at one time. If we cram together just right we might fit 15-20 but some people will be cut off. Either way, I will credit your wizards at the end of the episode. Please only arrive with 1 wizard per person, it would be very uncool of someone was left out because somebody wants double screen time :P
I think that's pretty much it. If anyone has any questions or comments at all regarding the filming, by all means let me know! I've already done a rough recording of the dialog for episode 3 and I can tell you right now this is definitely going to be the best one yet! I should be starting the script for number 4 soon but I can't make any guarantees about how good it will be. It will probably take a lot longer to work on than the others, but that just means I will be putting more thought into it. Also, a lot of extras will be needed for #4, so be sure to tune in often to my threads so you can know when filming will be. Thanks so much everyone!

*Date is subject to change, but most likely won't so no worries.
**Estimated time based on time zone differences, so that everyone can be in the same place at the same time. I got some people confused last filming party because I forgot to do the conversions.

Edit: And another thing! Here's a nice little review someone just gave my series :D

Four words to say about That's Life:

I watched the videos last night, and even though I couldn't hear well (Volume of iTouch, I think), I was laughing hard. Then this afternoon I showed it to my siblings who were just cracking up! I got CODY to crack, and he doesn't laugh to easily. I think they liked the part when Moolinda was yelling at Zachary. Cody also liked the guiding light part. Vanessa liked when Autumn says: "Yeah. It felt really good!" when Zach asked if she insulted his mom. I personally like when Moolinda's like, "They're big, smelly, and throw really large thongs at your head" and "She's ruthless, agressive, and tries to seduce you with her bright pink lipstick".

I'm gonna be there for the shooting!

Thank you, writingnecromancer! <333


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