Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well last night I got my necromancer to level 48. Victoria Ravenblood is now a Master of Death! I just finished the obsidian chest quest for her and now I'm thinking of taking it nice and slow :P I mean, no hurry now that I got one of the most important things done (the scarecrow spell). Tomorrow will be a filming day for That's Life! episode 3, as well as probably Thursday, then I will be editing it on Thurs/Fri. Busy weekend, folks, very busy.

To celebrate my newfound success I will spend the rest of the day playing Left 4 Dead 2. Woot!

Safe journeys, everyone!


  1. Congratulations!

    And what a coincidence, I just got my necromancer to level 48 that same night! After spending a few minutes unsuccessfully trying to find some sufficiently large groups to join on Triton Avenue to test out the scarecrow spell, I gave up. Just then, I was invited by a friend to go do Malistaire. Couldn't pass that up, but with all the death mobs, it wasn't a very good place to play with the new spell. Next night, another friend had me help with Sunken City, but same problem: all death so not the best for the scarecrow. (sigh) Finally, I helped that same friend in Mooshu and really gave that scarecrow spell a workout. I find it makes short work of Myth piggies when I get too close to them crossing the street. :-)

  2. Kewl! Ah I remember when I reached level forty eight. Quested like CRAZY.
    Sorry if you don't know me. I'm Cody Shadowstrider. I was at the filming today as Thomas Emeraldshard. Didn't know you were on the blogosphere!
    Check out my blog at:


    Cya on the sphere! :D :D