Monday, October 26, 2009

Fighting Malistaire - The biggest anti-climax I've ever experienced

      Well, last night I finally fought Malistaire on my life wizard - twice! Thanks to the best teammates ever (props to everyone)! Even though I made a ton of gold, got a bunch of drops and had lots of fun, it was sadly the most anti-climactic ending ever. All this build-up for 50 levels and... what, Malistaire and his wife's spirit just disappear? No big resolution? No long-winded monolog from Ambrose? I want plot, people! Where is it?? I dunno, maybe my expectations were too high. I realize that the point of the game is the journey and not the ending but still... I'm a writer. I look for the story in everything. I really hope KI will be adding more plot soon with Celestia (if they actually are developing it). Oh, and sadly, the only things I got from Malistaire were a Death robe and a Storm robe. Boo.

      I worked on my death character a bit more today too. I must say that I'm liking necromancy more and more every day :D And now that I have death prism it will make fighting bosses so much easier (not that it wasn't already). I'm really excited to get through Krokotopia, though not too thrilled with the prospect of doing Marleybone again. We have a history, gearheads and I; one wrought with much drama and frustration. I will spare you the details since it's way too "interesting" to listen to.

      Oh, and I have a question for any other necromancers who may be reading this (which I doubt, since nobody reads this :P) -- does anyone have issues with never getting any gear from their school? I mean, I know everyone encounters that now and then, but seriously I've only gotten like 2 or 3 things for death school, the rest are either life or ice. It's really bugging me. I'm holding out hope for getting better stuff in Krokotopia, but honestly I never had it this bad with my other characters. Weird.

      And......... well, I guess that's all for now. I'm hoping for better days :P


  1. Hi! I saw that you were one of my 2 followers! :-( (TWO. SERIOUSLY???)

    Ugh. I've been trying to get Gravewynd's Earth staff for FOREVER! Once I got this cruddy Death staff that looked EXACTLY like my Life Staff. I sold that in a hurry.

  2. Hi, I have a level 30 Death wizard. Am through Krokotopia and working on Marleybone. So far most of the item drops are storm, ice, and fire for me...maybe it's a death thing. Anyway if you need help or just want another death student to hang with my name is Valerian Mistblade. I've been hanging out in Field Guards in the haunted cave for the last few days. Prolly gonna move back to Krokotopia soon so I can have more of a challenge with two enemies at once....cheers

  3. WIZARD 101 IS THE GREATEST GAME EVER! and ease up on malistaire to all haters he is just trying to bring his wife back. if wizards were real and i was a death wizard and my wife died (not married only 15) i'd do anything to bring her back so don't hate on malistaire lolz

  4. hey, i read what you guys have to say, and, actually its not just a death thing.......... actually its just you and your skool, you wont find as much stuff for your own skool as you will for other skool's... the game knows what skool you pick and gives you more stuff for other skools than your own. i dont know why this is, but, i guess its just because people are always complaining about not having much gold throughout the game, that way they are trying to get you to sell items that arent for your skool because you cant use them. even though my main character on my account is a balance student, i still created a death student and its not as bad for the other skool's but the gamestill just works that way.......... anyway my name(on the game) is Angel Blade... see ya