Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Idle - Between the quests.

      Well, it's happened again. That distinct feeling of boredom I get when I'm stuck on a quest I don't wanna do. (Specifically, one where I have to kill a zillion crystal spiders to find something or other for some lady.) Yup, this is what happens when things get too tough. I retreat. At least that's what my therapist would say*.

      So what do I do when I'm not questing? I can't stand to give up my one and only love (read: Wizard 101). I finally got around to decorating all my houses, which is why I'm broke now. Of course there's only so much someone can do to their own virtual house, so I had to do something else. I went on a tour of all the houses in the spiral, even enduring the annoying comments from the tour guide. (By the way, amazing tool, KI! So glad you added this feature!) Also splurged and bought another mount. (IT WAS ON SALE, OKAY? DON'T JUDGE ME!) Now at least my main characters will both be really fast, and therefore eliminate a lot of stress. Thank goodness we're allowed to trade mounts between characters.

      Oh yeah, and I finished crafting for Autumn in MooShu, which oddly enough was WAY easier than in Marleybone. Was it supposed to be like that? I thought it was supposed to go from easiest to hardest. Weird. I literally got it done in like an hour (or would have if not for the outrageous cooldown times). Anyway, I received the crafting quest for Dragonspyre. Clearly I won't be finishing that for quite a while. 18 diamonds? 8 ghost fires? I've never even heard of ghost fire! Where in holy Bartleby do you find it? I'm guessing somewhere in Dragonspyre Academy, right? I dunno. Gonna have to go ore hunting later!

      Also, my necromancer is now the hero of unicorn way. What can I say, I really hate fighting ice spiders! :P I can't tell if I'm really good at this or if it's just the repetition that makes it easy for me. So far so good with the death school, then again I haven't gotten to the enemies that have resist yet so... we'll see! Oh, and I still haven't chosen a secondary school. So many choices, so little time! I'll just keep it in mind for later.

* I don't really have a therapist. Just a voice in my head.

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