Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grind - The slow, painful process of levelling up.

      I worked on Victoria a bit more today! She's level 9 now and I'm really diggin' how easy it is to be a necromancer in Wizard City. I imagine it only gets way harder from here on in, but for now I'm enjoying my school. Just as I expected, it totally sucks being a noob again after having such a high level (read: awesome) wizard. But I'm excited to see how necromancy compares to theurgy. I'm guessing now that I have a ninja pig pet that comes with dryad, I'll be pretty close to unstoppable. *evil grin*

      Made my first friend on that character today as well, and I suspect he's foreign. His English is just a tad on the awkward side, and he keeps calling me a beautiful rose. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so creepy :P He's pretty handy to have around for when the more daunting bosses come up. I didn't get many drops today, but I sell whatever I get, and I plan on saving all my money. Why? Oh, no particular reason...

      Oh, and I also got to Malistaire's lair today with my life wizard. Gave up because of too many setbacks. Plan on finishing sometime tomorrow, no matter what it takes. Seriously, no matter what.

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