Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Teamwork - Meet-ups, friend lists, and quest buddies

      Well, I know this isn't new when it comes to Wizard 101 (or gaming in general), but I've been seeing this trend for a while now where players will meet other people in the game, do a few quests together, and decide that hey... it would be cool to be partners. Like, permanent quest buddies. There are certain schools (I'm lookin' at you, storm and life) that are geared toward group play since there are major weaknesses in offense or defense, and having a buddy who's got your back for every tedious quest is really beneficial and makes things go a lot faster. This ranges anywhere from two to four people (since that's the most that can fit in a dungeon at one time).

      Anyway, I've looked around on the internet and I've seen lots of threads suggesting to KI that they add a guild feature to the game. I think that would be brilliant, since sometimes having a friend list just doesn't cut it. I mean, some people don't want to be added just to be asked over and over again if they could help someone. But if there were guilds, requests for help be guilt- and debt-free since it comes with the territory. I know groups are supposed to be kind of like that, but you would have to invite people to be in it over and over, whereas with a guild it would just be a one-time invite. Also, guilds could be named, wheras groups cannot. It would also be cool if said guilds could have special club-houses to live in, but I know that's out of the question since you could just port to your friend's house and hang out there :P Wishful thinking, I know.

      On a side note, I wish there was a way to transfer a buddy list from one character on an account to a different character on the same account. I mean, there might be a simple way to do it that I don't know about, but as far as I can tell you would have to do it the hard way. You know, logging out of your one wizard, logging into the other, finding the person in a specific place, and then adding them manually. The easy-add would be so useful because I have a lot of grandmaster friends who are starting new characters and we want to be friends on our new wizards. Just thought that would be a cool new feature, if KI ever considers it.

      I was throwing around the idea of starting a guild on Diary of a Wizard, but I'm not sure if many people would join it because there isn't a convenient feature for it. But we'll see if it's added in the future. The KI team seems really efficient when it comes to addressing player's ideas and concerns. :D

      Aaaanddddd.... that's it. I'm meeting someone from DoaW in the game today at 8!

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