Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Victoria Ravenblood - Death is just the beginning.

      I started a new character last night, my first Death wizard! *is excited* I haven't decided what I want her secondary school to be. What's a good supporting class for death wizards? Not sure if I should choose an element school or a spirit school. Hmm...

      Anyway, this is what she looks like! I haven't finished my adventure with Autumn yet so I won't be focusing entirely on Victoria, but I'll be blogging the adventures of my death character from the beginning to the end.

      Her hair cracks me up, btw :P


  1. yay! well, my suggestion is to not choose a secondary school. Just grab the utility spells from the other schools that will help you the most. Balance blades/traps/debuffs, tower shields, shields, etc.

  2. Haven't seen you on the blog'ospyre latly and That hair cracks me up to. My deaths second school is storm BTW.

  3. @stingite: Well I trust you on that since you're more experienced than I am! Thanks for the suggestion and for adding me to your blog club!

    @jedirex: I'm new to MMO blogging as you can prolly tell :P I was considering storm since it hits big, but the fizzle factor drives me nuts. Might either do as Friendly suggested or maybe choose fire.