Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mounts - The best thing since sliced bread.

      After waiting and waiting all day (due to hanging out with a friend and then the patching taking forever) I GOT MY VERY OWN FOREVER MOUNT!

      And after using it for all of half an hour, I can already say... how in the heck did I ever get along without it? So many unnecessary battles that could have been avoided if I could go as fast as I do now. So much time I could have spent doing the important things rather than taking forever to get from one place to another (although the new port stones they added to Mooshu and Marleybone help a lot with that issue as well). And all this euphoria only costed me 5,000 crowns!

      By the way, all of them go the same speed, but the brooms are the cheapest. The animals are more expensive just because of the novelty of them being... well... animals :P If you're thrifty like me and you don't mind the cliche of a witch on a broomstick, I highly suggest buying one!

      Downside: hate to say it because I don't like to complain when everything's pretty much perfect, BUT... all the people riding around on their mounts makes my eyes go crazy! Everyone whizzes past so quickly it always catches my attention and confuses me. Also, the sounds of people mounting/dismounting gets pretty annoying after a while. Other than that, it's good!

      I think I will take a tour around the spiral on my new ride, tomorrow :D

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  1. So jealous! I can't afford a mount yet with gold. I might have to splurge with real money, add some extra crowns, and poof! gets zeh mount!